The Department of Information and Control Engineering organized professional education lectures on "Intelligent Science and Technology"

        According to the professor honor class arrangement of the Department of Information and Control Engineering, on September 14, Professor Li Jiejia gave a professional lecture for students majoring in intelligent science and technology of all grades, including: professional introduction, personnel training and curriculum system interpretation, practical teaching, learning situation and learning method analysis。

        First of all, Professor Li guided the students to think about the application of intelligent science and technology in real life by asking questions. The students responded positively, citing typical examples including automatic automobile welding production line, automatic handling robot, computer integrated manufacturing system, automatic three-dimensional warehouse and so on。Professor Li then introduced in detail the professional nature and advantages of intelligent science and technology, including the development of artificial intelligence in the fields of urban management, smart home, intelligent control, smart healthcare and robotics。

        In terms of personnel training and curriculum system interpretation, Professor Li made clear the training direction from the aspects of morality, intelligence, physical fitness, the United States and labor, and introduced the curriculum system of intelligent science and technology in detail, so that students had a further understanding of the overall curriculum planning of the major。

        At the end of the course, Professor Li gave suggestions on learning methods: First, we should clarify the purpose of learning and correct learning attitude; second, we should cultivate interest in the major and master the correct learning methods; third, we should grasp the aspects of preview, listening to lectures, review, notes, homework and examinations in the learning process to improve learning efficiency。

        Through the in-depth introduction of the intelligent science and technology major, the students have a deeper understanding of the nature and application of the intelligent science and technology major, and master the scientific learning methods. After class, everyone expressed their confidence in the future development of the major and their determination to study hard in the future。

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