Our school held the 2023 undergraduate teaching teacher selection activity

       "Show style, gather strength, grow together"。Recently, the 2023 Undergraduate teaching teacher selection of Shenyang Institute of Science and Technology organized by our school came to a successful end. After fierce competition, 5 teachers were successfully selected as school-level teaching teachers。

        教学名师评选是学校为贯彻落实习近平总书记关于教育重要论述的重要举措,It is to fully implement quality education, promote the new curriculum reform, and give full play to the exemplary and leading role of excellent teachers in education and teaching,Constantly strengthen the construction of teaching staff,It is an activity to enhance the effectiveness of teaching in various subjects, promote the professional development of teachers, improve the quality of personnel training, and realize the harmonious development of educational science。

        In the on-site selection process, the participating teachers made wonderful statements about teacher ethics and style, teaching ability and level, teaching echelon construction and engineering, scientific research and academic level, etc. After each teacher's statement, the expert judges raised relevant questions on the report content, and the participating teachers defended。

        Finally, the experts combined with the teachers' application materials, video recording of the lesson and on-site rating for the final evaluation of the meeting, after the study of the leading group, finally determined to recommend 5 teachers as the school's teaching teacher candidates, the list of selected has been publicized through the campus network。

        The selection of famous teachers is to affirm and encourage the teaching contribution and teaching level of teachers working in the front line of education and teaching, and is also an effective means to optimize the teacher team and select outstanding talents。The school adheres to high standards for the selection of famous teachers, encourages our teachers to follow the example of famous teachers, implement the central position of moral cultivation in college work, broaden teaching ideas, and constantly improve the level of education and teaching。Under the background of the new era, our school will give full play to the leading role of famous teachers, lay the foundation for the lifelong development of students, and contribute to the high-quality development of education。

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