The School of Marxism held a collective lesson preparation meeting for the course "Situation and Policy"

        "Situation and Policy" course is the main channel and front of situation and policy education for students, and bears an important mission in ideological and political education of college students。In order to ensure the orderly development of the teaching and research activities of the "Situation and Policy" course in our school this semester, the School of Marxism recently organized a collective lesson preparation meeting for the "Situation and Policy" course, attended by all the course teachers, and presided over by Li Shujuan, director of the Teaching and Research Office。

        According to the relevant requirements of the Ministry of Education,In this semester, the "Situation and Policy" course of our school has identified four topics: "Opening up a new realm of Marxism in China and The Times", "Accelerating the construction of a powerful country in education, science and technology, and talent", "Ensuring a new development pattern with a new security pattern", and "China takes responsibility for the interwoven world Chaos".。At the meeting, Ms. Li Shujuan made an overall introduction to the curriculum arrangement, selection of topics, use of textbooks, teaching objectives of each topic, key and difficult points in teaching, teaching terms, precautions and other related issues。It also requires all teachers to be familiar with and analyze the teaching materials, to speak well about the "Situation and policy" course with full mental state, professional knowledge and a high sense of political responsibility, to teach in strict accordance with the teaching points, and to pay attention to the standardization of the course and the flexibility of the teaching。

        This collective lesson preparation meeting stressed that all teachers should attach great importance to the situation and policy lessons, and do a good job of ideological education。Precisely carry out the situation and policy education and guidance activities, give play to the educational function of ideological and political theory courses, so as to promote the high-quality development of curriculum construction。

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