The theoretical learning Center group of the Party Committee of the school carried out the second concentrated study of theme education

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        10月20日上午,学校党委理论学习中心组在第二教学楼505会议室开展学习贯彻习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想主题教育第二次集中学习暨2023年10月份集体学习。The meeting was presided over by Party Secretary Geng Naiguo and attended by university leaders Sun Yuhong, Zhang Liying, Wang Hongpeng, Gao Hongzhen, Guo Xiulian and Zhang Lei。

        At the meeting, Geng Naiguo, secretary of the Party Committee, made a central speech combined with relevant learning content。副校长王鸿鹏、党委组织部部长肖士中、党委统战部部长孙启新分别领学了习近平总书记关于宣传思想文化工作的最新重要指示精神、关于加强民办学校党的建设工作的意见(试行)等政策文件和习近平总书记关于宗教工作的重要论述。The participants also watched the second episode of the political drama "New Era Culture" - the Flag of Thought。

        Conference notes,习近平总书记对全面贯彻党的二十大精神、担负起新的文化使命、做好新时代新征程宣传思想文化工作提出了“七个着力”的明确要求,It is highly political, ideological and instructive,It points out the direction for further propaganda ideological and cultural work。同时,全国宣传思想文化工作会议最重要的成果,就是正式提出和系统阐述习近平文化思想,在党的宣传思想文化事业发展史上具有里程碑意义。全校要在习近平文化思想和习近平总书记重要指示精神的指引下,一是持续强化思想引领,深入学习宣传贯彻党的二十大精神和开展好主题教育各项工作,持续在学深悟透中找方向、找遵循、找方法、找答案。Second, we should focus on ideology, consolidate the responsibility system for ideological work layer by layer, effectively strengthen the management and control of key positions, and do our best to eliminate all kinds of risks and hidden dangers。Third, we must strengthen public opinion publicity and guidance, actively promote the integration of media resources, the integration of services, and the aggregation of teachers and students, take the initiative to speak in a timely manner, strengthen positive guidance, and spread the voice of the Party, the voice of red, and the voice of education more loudly。Fourth, we should organize major and key node (day) ideological and political courses and curriculum ideological and political courses, consciously inherit the red gene, and let the spiritual value and era value of Liaoning's "red six places" be engraved in the hearts of teachers and students。

        The meeting held that the "Opinions on Strengthening Party Building in Private Schools (Trial)" and other policy documents issued by the General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China have made clear provisions on the functional positioning of party organizations in private colleges and universities and put forward specific requirements。In the process of running a school,Focus on the main responsibility and the main business,Work hard to lead the party building;To aggregate governance advantages,See effect in establishing rules and regulations;Give back to the community,Find the right position to contribute,Ensure that the focus of the party building work and focus on the direction of the school, party building ideology and politics, ideology, university culture, standardized operation, teachers and students style and other key tasks,Armed with the party's innovation theory,With the flag to promote spirit, promote governance norms, promote career development,Effectively realize the party building to lead the connotative development。

        会议强调,党的十八大以来,习近平总书记深刻阐明了宗教工作的一系列重大理论和实践问题,并就新形势下加强和改进宗教工作作出了全面部署,有力推动新时代党的宗教工作理论和实践创新。Do a good job in the new period of campus to resist and guard against religious infiltration,We must adhere to the principle of separating education from religion,Constantly strengthen and improve the ideological and political education of college students,Strengthen the construction and management of ideological and cultural positions in schools,We will establish and improve a working mechanism for departments to work together, assume their respective responsibilities, and work together for joint management,Build a work pattern that closely integrates the three aspects of education guidance, blocking channels and handling according to law,It is an important task of ideological and political education in colleges and universities to ensure that teaching and guiding college students to correctly understand and treat religious issues。

        All members of the central group of the University Party Committee attended the meeting, and the secretaries of the general Party branches (directly under the Party branch) attended the meeting。

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