"Shen Ke reviews My Master" Reading Community Series activities (10)

       To improve teachers' cultural accomplishment,Accelerate professional development,Improve the level of educational theory and practice,Get into the habit of reading and communicating,On the afternoon of July 3rd,The 10th community of Shenyang Institute of Science and Technology continues to carry out a series of reading community activities of "Shen Ke reviews my master",The reading exchange meeting was hosted by Li Siying, director of the Social Sports Teaching and Research Section, and Zhang Peizhu, director of the Public Sports Teaching and Research Section,The teachers shared the book Online Mind: Effective Teaching Based on Technology.,Each teacher who participated in the reading exchange did a careful reading of the relevant chapters,Combine what you have learned and thought with daily teaching,I shared my learning with the teachers who participated in the reading exchange meeting。

(A) Flexible online teaching rich educational experience

       At the exchange meeting, a number of teachers gave speeches and shared their feelings and experiences around the contents of the book。其中,Ms. Dinah pointed to the chapter in the book "Does online education Really Work?,It is pointed out that online education needs correct technology and method,Only in this way can students' interest and potential be stimulated,But in this motivating process,The instructor needs to have some basic understanding of human cognitive patterns,Take advantage of online platforms,To improve the effectiveness of online education,To achieve a better combination of students' independent learning and taught education。

(2) Adjusting educational models to stimulate interest in learning

       Director Li Siying said in his comments,After the epidemic three years of online teaching process found,Online teaching has some drawbacks,But in special times,If the method of online teaching is used properly,The effect is very obvious,所以,How to stimulate students' interest in learning through good teaching methods,Become something that every teacher needs to think about。

(三)Reasonable arrangement of courses to enrich practical content

       Finally, Director Zhang Peizhu said in his comments that physical education is the most abundant course in teaching, and we should actively explore the teaching content, enrich practice from reading, and consolidate teaching literacy。Through the content of this reading exchange meeting, I hope that every teacher can apply the content learned in the book to practical teaching。

      The tenth community conducts regular book-sharing sessions,It further cultivates the reading habit of teachers,Enhance the spiritual cultivation and cultural quality,Enrich knowledge and broaden horizons at the same time,It also creates a strong atmosphere of love reading and reading good books,And be able to combine the knowledge read with the course practice,Improve the personal cultivation at the same time,Expertise has also been enhanced。

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