"Shen Ke reviews My Master" Reading Community Series activities (9)

       Reading can give us comfort。According to the needs of teachers' teaching and education work,"The Course Syllabus A Learning-Centered Approach Second Edition" (" Creating a Learning-Centered Approach Second Edition ") is a required reading for the September reading activity of the Teachers' Reading Second Community,At the same time, it is also equipped with some educational monographs and professional knowledge books,So that teachers can continuously improve their own theoretical foundation and understand the dynamics of teaching reform,Learn new teaching methods and enhance teaching skills。The teachers in the second community mobilized and publicized the whole reading activity, and completed it by means of discussion, sharing, free questions and answers. After understanding and reading the content and framework of the book, the teachers benefited a lot and expressed their own views:

       The formulation of the curriculum syllabus can not be separated from the students, we should always be student-centered and understand the dynamics of students。

-- Teacher Wang Jiao

       Today's reading gave us a clearer understanding of the details of the curriculum's objectives, requirements and expectations when developing the syllabus, as well as information about the teaching philosophy, the rationale for specific activities and their use, and the tools that are critical to student success。

-- Teacher Liu Jia

       In the Syllabus,Grunert, Millis and Cohen emphasize the value of a learning-centered approach,Provides a well-documented and up-to-date roadmap for teachers and learners to use the syllabus effectively,It provides many new ideas for the optimization of the syllabus of the course Machine Learning taught by me。

-- Teacher Cui Haonan

       This book reflects the meaning of the learning environment, leading the reader to discover new insights and new ways to develop the course outline。These include the planning of a learning-centered syllabus, comprising chapters that serve many functions and use it as a learning tool throughout the curriculum, and in each section, calls for attention to the integration of various technologies, especially course management systems, to improve the use of form, function and syllabus。

-- Teacher Yang Qian

       Through this stage of reading activities, every teacher has gained a lot. By writing reading notes, reading experience and summary of reading activities, teachers have benefited a lot both in theory and in practice。The majority of teachers have applied the new ideas learned into teaching practice, and further improved the quality of education and teaching in our schoolSolidify the foundation!

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