Shenyang Institute of Science and Technology officially launched the 2023 college entrance examination

On July 16, with the start of the provincial sports undergraduate batch filing work, our school 2023The college entrance examination was officially launched。

In order to effectively comply with the requirements of the comprehensive reform plan of the provincial college entrance examination, and achieve openness, fairness and justice, our school fully implements the Ministry of Education and Liaoning Province 2023The relevant documents and meeting spirit of the recruitment work, adhere to the problem-oriented, constantly improve the work system, standardize the admission process, strengthen supervision and guarantee, strictly implement responsibilities, and ensure the full implementation of sunshine recruitment。Up to now, our school is 2023The admission work of the college entrance examination is progressing smoothly, standardized and orderly, and the batch admission work of undergraduate sports in the province is under way。

It is reported that our school plans to recruit full-time undergraduate students in 18 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions such as Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang and Inner Mongolia this year2026Students are enrolled in 20 undergraduate majors。Among them, the provincial enrollment program1211People, out-of-province enrollment program815人。

  Here, remind the majority of candidates and parents,Our school this year in the province sports categoryUndergraduate lotAdmission time: July 16 - July 21, general本科Admission time: July 20 - August 1Out-of-province admission time is subject to the official announcement of the provincial examination institute, and all admission work is expected to be August 15End of day。Candidates and parents please carefully understand the national enrollment policy, timely attention to the relevant enrollment period, and effectively enhance the identification and prevention ability, based on the information and query results published on the websites of provincial examination institutes and the enrollment information network of our school, do not listen to the false publicity and fraudulent promises of criminals, and beware of being cheated。

I. Schedule of provincial admission in 2023


2. Admission inquiry method

   1、Liaoning Province entrance examination window inquiry center (This website is only for Liaoning candidates, candidates from other provinces are subject to the website published by the provincial examination Institute)

   2、Visit the school's official

            Step 1: Log in to the home page of the school's official website and click"Enrollment and employment ",进入Enrollment Information Network,点击"Candidate Enquiries",进入"Admission Inquiry"系统。


            Step two, enterEnrollment Information Network,点击"Candidate Enquiries",进入"Admission Inquiry"系统。


        Step 3: InAdmission inquiry systeminput-inputPersonal informationQuery is available。


 3、Campus public account

 Candidates can search our official public accountShenyang Institute of Science and TechnologyOr click the business card of the public number below to enter the official wechat platform of our university, and click in the lower right corner of the home screen"Admission Information"中的"Admission Inquiry"To go to the query page, enter“姓名”和“Candidate numberYou can check the admission result。

 Three, admission site office phone









Warm note: Our school may contact candidates through the above phone number during the provincial enrollment period, please ensure that the mobile phone number reserved for college entrance examination registration is kept open。

Four, special reminder

       Our school is a full-time ordinary college approved by the Ministry of Education with higher education enrollment qualifications, enrollment work is carried out under the relevant policy requirements of the Ministry of Education, national unified enrollment, students participate in the national unified college entrance examination, unified admission, please pay attention to the majority of candidates and parents, beware of being cheated。 

5. Contact Us 

       School address: No. 30, Quanyun Second West Road, Hunnan District, Shenyang, Liaoning Province

       Postal code: 110167

       Telephone: 024-31679767, 31969585, 31679717

       School website:



Address: No. 30, Quanyun Second West Road, Hunnan District, Shenyang, Liaoning Province
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